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The name "Evelyn" has a Norman origin and means Life.

The flowing motion of a waterfall was the inspiration behind this piece. The pendant, made from Sterling Silver & pieces of bronze, mimics the reflection of the sun. Iolite, White Zircon, Peridot, & Amethyst are used to illuminate this piece. 3 rows of Keshi pearls complement this unique necklace.

A One-of-A-Kind piece.


    •   The piece made from Sterling Silver and Bronze with following stones:
      • 4 mm Iolite
      • 4 mm White Zircon
      • 4 mm Peridot
      • 5 mm Amethyst
    • The piece has 84 mm length and 31 mm wide.
    • Three rows of Keshi pearls completed the design.

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