About page

 Happy to see you here.

I wish we could sit together to talk and know each other better, but unfortunately, we can't so let me just talk.
As I told you, I have an image of you in my mind. It has a name, personality, job, family, activities,..., Yes, you are part of my life. I love to imagine you on your different occasions and design jewelry to help you shine more.
I saw you in your T-shirt, and Jeans on a Sunday shopping and thought maybe a simple, but shiny necklace like Chrystal makes you look even more gorgeous. Guess what? I didn't stop there because I know that you want your piece to be perfect for your black dress too ( I think you have a black dress, but if you don't, please buy one, every woman needs one ). So Chrystal born, try it and see how great it would be on both occasions.
I even know that you want to feel confident in your next business meeting, that was precisely the reason to design Royal. It would give an exclusive look to your blazer and skirt and can also elegantly accent that white top and cardigan in your closet ( try it on your evening dress, I think it looks great on that too). 
You can even try Alesandra with your sweater and trouser for a Sunday brunch to look fresh and sexy. I thought about your casual look with a boyfriend shirt and short; Salma gives it a different and glamorous shine.Trust me you will love it.
I even know that sometimes you want to add some color to your plain dress, which was the inspiration behind designing Sabrina. Sometimes Ivana and Grace will work too ( a touch of color in a luxury way). 
I think I talked so much ( actually that is always my husband's complain too ). But honestly, I wanted to let you know how I imagine you and have no other task except trying to accessorize you in different occasions and also want to tell you about the stories behind each piece ( find more on each design's page).
Yes, I know you but let me help you to know me too. I am exactly a woman like most of you, married to the love of my life for thirty-two years and have two sons in ages 28 and 27, that I love. I can't wait to have daughters-in-law and ( hopefully ) love them too.
I am ... years old that always try hard to look younger and for that reason, I stuck to this photo of myself ( I took it ten years ago but still love it, especially the sunglasses that covered few under eyes lines ). Let me give you a piece of advice, take a photo with your sunglasses and keep it somewhere safe, you can't imagine how it will help you a few years from now.
That was awesome talking to you, just know that I am always picturing you in my mind, and it makes me design a new piece of jewelry even in the middle of the night when seeing you in a different look.
Love you