I was thinking of designing this necklace for a long time and made several version of that, but I love this one more. I wanted to make something gorgeous and luxury with a touch of shine, meanwhile comfortable to wear that goes with every outfit on different occasions. I had a vision in my mind of combining some material with a unique look to create a gorgeous piece that catches eyes.

Be sure you will be Aphrodite, goddess of love, beauty, and desire, while you are wearing that.


  • The combination of five strands made of different materials and colors gave the necklace dimension.
  • The production of this beautiful design started by making two strands of Swarovski pearls in two different colors and sizes.
  • The next step was making two strands of setting for Swarovski crystals in two colors.
  • The strand of glass beads made one bead at the time gave this beautiful design a bold and different look.
  • The five strands braided to complete this sparkling necklace.

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