As a woman, I was taught to always fight against the boundaries that limit imagination. In designing Chiton, I inspired to fight against the boundary of maintaining the status quo that usually comes along with the luxury and artisan clothing. In this fight I came to the idea of simply making the jewelry motif removable, to offer sophisticated styles with a twist of comfort and practicability.


 I believe that design will be more desirable when it is married with innovation. Innovation comes from emphasizing on details and pushing the boundaries of design.




In 2001, I moved from my homeland country,Iran, to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and three years later to the United States. Living and working in three different cultures have taught me a lot about women, their behavior and their desires. Through this experience, I came to realize that one of the most common and powerful feelings that all women share despite of their cultural differences is their love to shine. I have tried to highlight this feeling through my designs and creations with easy maintenance as a bonus. I should note that Swarovski crystals & pearls have been most helpful in dream a reality.

In February 2014, Helia Herra was featured in Las vegas Fashion Week, the following video is part of this runway.




My philosophy in my Jewelry & Transformation lines is to be ready for any occasion at any time and I have tried to bring luxury look through the most simple and easy moves. I believe that jewelry, if properly fashioned, is more than just an accessory, it is an expressive work of art and it has and must speak for itself.

My background and passion in painting gave me the love for colors and taught me the strong power of mixing them to bring shine and confidence to my creations, my Master in Business degree has helped me to achieve my goals in all other aspects of life.

I couldn't even imagine undertaking in this amazing journey without the unconditional support and love of my husband, sons and truly loved family and friends.


This is me, Ladan Sajadi, and Helia Herra is my imagination that has come to life.